Eyes That See Spirits – Finding Comfort After Loss

The psychic word brings uneasy snap shots to mind: psychic hotline advertisements, carnival sideshows, charlatans. Does every person certainly take these things critically?

My thoughts have been similar as soon as. Until several humans with exceptional competencies started out coming into my life, and in unrelated conditions. My cue the universe had something to expose me and it turned into time to pay interest. Here’s what I saw and the most effective way I can explain it.

Some human beings have abilities I do now not. Their eyes see in a different way.

Just because I do now not see something, does no longer suggest it isn’t there; simply due to the fact I do now not have the ones abilities, does no longer mean they do now not exist. And some of the ones skills fall below the time period psychic.

I realize that a few humans’s eyes see hues in another way. I have a coffee mug with a mild brown leaf design painted on it-at the least I see brown. My mother sees green. Same mug. Her brown eyes see colours otherwise than my blue ones.

A 2d instance: In the attention glasses segment of a nearby department store, there are standard shades and a few with Polaroid lenses. I attempt on fashionable trendy men’s glasses lenses and see the whole thing clearly-or suppose I do. Then I transfer to the glasses with Polaroid lenses, and the whole thing that become hidden with standard lenses comes into simple sight. What was invisible with one set of lenses is seen in reality with another set.

So perhaps it isn’t always that a ways of a stretch to recall the possibility that some people have eyes that see spirits and strength fields. My eyes have widespread lenses; theirs have ‘Polaroid’ lenses And due to that, they’ve additional records they are able to proportion if I ask them to. I even have.

It was terrific and comforting, an enjoy of sacred time and area, grace.

When a person we love goes on an extended trip, it’s reassuring to recognise they arrived correctly, that they’re happy. When the lengthy trip is dying, it could be closure, or the opportunity to say good-bye, or reassurance and peace. The humans I recognise with eyes that see differently are talented healers and mediums, connectors, mild employees, who help deliver peace to souls and spirits.

As children, we took loads of factors on religion, mainly teachings approximately the afterlife and what takes place whilst we leave here. For some, religion is sufficient. For others, in our basic humanity, reassurance that our loved ones are okay or nevertheless with us, or a hazard to say good bye or thank you or I love you, matters to our spiritual peace.

There are many gifts of spirit and light. Ancient writings inform us of those. I’ve been a seeker for a long time and studied many p