Inspirational Men To Follow On Instagram

Inspiration. It’s an emotion that we continue to seek after in a variety of mediums. Sometimes all it takes is one body transformation video, a rags-to-riches narrative, or a tried-and-true motivational statement to jumpstart one’s confidence in the face of life’s challenges. So, where are they getting this positive energy from? Where else could you go? Instagram.

To complete any task, you must need inspiration. Otherwise, no job can be completed on time. Men can boost their will by reading positive quotes for men on

Men from all walks of life may proudly relate to the world’s most popular social media network, which has given us access to remarkable and ambitious individuals. Every high-profile celebrity publicising their newest philanthropic gesture ‘for the gramme,’ an ambitious entrepreneur or stay-at-home dad is forging a deeper, more intimate connection with the social media verse.’

There are lots of inspirational IG profiles worth following that may help you down the path to personal improvement and self-belief, whether it’s for your work objectives or a new outlook on life. We not only found some fantastic profiles while browsing through the service, but we also got the men behind them to offer their own words of wisdom with us, for you, our readers. Here are some Instagram accounts to follow if you want to be inspired.

Jay T. Maryniak (@jtm fit)

The Fitness Fanatic is his inspirational personality type.

“Life is full of ups and downs,” says wisdom. There have been times in my life when I’ve felt like giving up and asking, “What’s the point?” Our character is defined by how we react and behave in various situations. Put forth the effort when you’re feeling good and when you’re feeling bad. Continue to be consistent and patient. Amazing things will happen if you live this way as best you can.”

Jay Maryniak’s narrative is one of adversity, struggle, and success. After overcoming an alcoholic and drug-addicted past, the former athletic prospect altered his life to become one of CrossFit’s most well-known figures. “I’ve wanted to realise my full potential since I started working out 12-13 years ago,” Maryniak explains. He hasn’t let type 1 diabetes hold him down, even though he was diagnosed at the age of 27. “As each day passes, my determination to be the absolute best I can grow stronger,” he says. Over 300,000 people have responded to Maryniak’s message and are following his journey, which he hopes “inspires and enables others to get out there and have a beautiful life.”

Mr Rutherford (@Mr.Rutherford)

The Style Savant is his inspirational personality type.

“Great, individual style begins with understanding yourself and owning it (with confidence and pride),” says the wise.

Rutherford has reinvented the concept of modelling by converting his Instagram page into a vital men’s style guide. He is one of the most charismatic social influencers in fashion. “I believe it’s never too late and you’re never too old to live your best life,” he says, despite being 50 years old and striving in a community that has embraced his every fashion move since his early days on the platform: “I believe it’s never too late and you’re never too old to live your best life.” Fashion icons like Nick Wooster and Bruce Pask have inspired Rutherford’s everyday outfits while also setting the bar “for adopting the authentic individual style.” His love of a good suit and affirming words is evident in his feed and should act as a model for the modern gentleman.

Charlie Dark (@daddydarkrdc)

The Woke Warrior is his inspirational figure.

“When utilised effectively, social media can be a powerful weapon in bringing change and debate into the world,” says the author. It has the potential to offer those who have no voice a voice and to tear down barriers to access, as well as to bring social change to communities on a worldwide scale. The world is listening, despite what you may believe; it’s only waiting for you to open your mouth and speak.”

Charlie Dark, a community builder and public speaker who uses Instagram to “embrace the freedom and power of communication,” has retained his status as a voice for cultural diversity and self-growth. In addition to expressing his passion for the arts and athletics, the Run Dem Crew founder makes it a point to educate his followers on current events. “Be kind to yourself, be inquisitive and inquiring, and stay strong in the face of adversity — most importantly, remember that ‘You are enough!'” he says.

Segei Urban (@thedadlab)

The Father Figure is his inspirational type.

“I am not a teacher or a scientist – I am simply a father, and if I can do it, you can do it too!”

Sergei Urban is adamant about one thing: he adores his children. He loved them so much that he quit his job to “concentrate totally on focusing on them.” Urban’s modern approach has won him a reputation as one of the Internet’s trendiest dads, with imaginative articles that not only teach his two young sons but also parents looking for new ways to engage with their kids. “I want to encourage parents to spend quality time with their children by providing simple science experiments and art projects that don’t require any specific ingredients or skills…something that both kids and adults will enjoy.” That’s how you raise the bar when it comes to fatherhood.

Marques Brownlee (@mkbhd)

The Tech Nerd is his inspiring personality type.

“Look at some of the most highly regarded people in the world right now and how they got there if there was ever any doubt about embracing being a geek or a tech-head.” Bill Gates is a well-known businessman. Elon Musk is a billionaire. Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple. In the last 50 years, IT professionals have had the greatest impact on the globe, and that trend isn’t going to stop anytime soon.”

Marques Brownlee is the guy to follow if geek culture and technology are personal interests. The American YouTuber who was named “best technology reviewer on the planet” by Google’s upper echelon has never shied away from his passion for technology, establishing himself as one of the most influential people in the industry for his approach to content creation, which has seamlessly translated from YouTube to Instagram: “The theme of my Instagram images is to embrace and love technology in our daily life.” His enthusiasm for sharing technology began in high school, and his efforts have piqued the curiosity of millions ever since.